All-In-One Air Conditioning

The Unico Inverter – Air Conditioner With No Outside Box

The Unico Inverters offer effective fixed air-conditioning without complex installation or unsightly exterior condensers.

The Installation

The units can be installed by anyone with DIY knowledge and is mounted on the wall by simply drilling two holes from the interior. There is no need to gain access to the outside of the building and this is particularly important where the units are being installed, for example, in a high storey apartment block. Other than a drill and core bit (which are both easily hired), all of the other parts required for the installation are provided. The only power source needed is a standard 13 amp electrical supply.

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Further Information

What is it?

The Unico wall-mounted unit is an innovative, self-contained air conditioning solution which utilises the technologies of both indoor and outdoor systems, effectively eliminating the need for pipe work and external condensers.

Appearance of the Grilles

The Unico is an ideal solution in circumstances where it is necessary to maintain a building’s external aesthetics, since the grilles are discreet in appearance by comparison to standard fixed air conditioning systems. This can alleviate the types of difficulties encountered when seeking planning permission.


In keeping with the décor and design of a given room, the Unico may be installed at any height. Though at default it is ready for low level mounting, it can be modified for high level mounting simply by reversing the casing in order to accommodate the change in airflow.


The Unico includes a noise-reducing night-time mode and a ‘sleep’ function which sets the machine to standby after a specified time limit. Additionally it is possible to program a more general schedule specifying when the machine will come on, e.g. half-an-hour before returning home and the like.

Remote Control

Adding to its ease of operation, particularly in domestic situations, each unit is supplied with a remote control.

All In One Air Conditioner, Unico Air Conditioner and Air Conditoner With No Outside Box

Technical Specification

Unico Air Conditioning Unit

PRICE £1,350(ex VAT)

PRICE £1,455(ex VAT)