AH-720 Far Infrared + Halogen Heater (for areas up to 220f² - 20m²)

Airrex's Patent Plate technology provides maximum heating efficiency!

The advantages of Electric Heaters are:

  • Higher heating efficiency
  • More economical than traditional paraffin/kerosene fuel
  • Thermal Conduction Safety Device
  • Timed Power Off Setting
  • Castors Fitted For Easy Moving

Indoor Applications Include:
  • Homes & Offices
  • Schools & Institutes
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hospitals, Shops & Libraries
  • Banks
  • Churches

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Maximum Heating Efficiency
Infrared plate technology ensures maximum emission of far infrared rays. This creates maximum heating efficiency.

Maximum Heating Area
Airrex's plate technology ensures that the far infrared rays and consequently the heat are projected forwards and at a maximum radiation angle.

Creating a Pleasant and Healthy Environment
This type of heating creates a healthy and pleasant environment without the noise and smell associated with gas or oil heating. In addition, far infrared rays and negative ions are emitted and these create a healthy and beneficial atmosphere.

Thermal conduction is excellent due to the lightweight aluminium alloy heat sink coated in pure ceramic material. Excellent heat and shock resistance.

Quality Certification of Far Infrared Grills
Airrex have acquired full quality certification for far infrared rays.

Easy To Handle
The lightweight construction and provision of castors allow for easy and safe handling.

Unique Airrex Technology

The Airrex plate heater is highly efficient.

  • Airex plate heater technology is a new and unique concept in heating.
  • Plate heating differs from existing types which use oil and gas.
  • The heating elements form even waves in various angles to cover the entire area.
  • The heater distributes warmed air by re-cycling high level air and therefore making the heater more efficient.
  • The heater is protected against potential heating element damage, which is often a weakness in near infrared and other heater types.

Technical Specification

Heating Units

9,000 Btu.h
2.65kW (Plate 1.6kW, Halogen 1.0kW)
540 x 290 x 800 mm
Prevents Overheating
4 Settings

What is Infra Plate?

Generally the volume of far infrared rays is extremely limited because existing heaters simply heat the elements. The infra plate maximises thermal conduction by evenly distributing the internal heat source to the plate with better thermal conductivity. The ceramic coating of the plates ensures that the far infrared rays are used much more effectively. The infra plate is patented by AIRREX.

Heat Radiation Concept of Conventional Electric Heaters.
Radiation from simple heaters using standard elements or coils have a limited scope of heating conduction capability.

Heat Radiation Concept of Infra Plate.
The infrared plate has a wider scope of thermal conduction than ordinary element heaters. The rays are discharged by using a ceramoc coated plate, which effectively distributes the heat by convection of the surrounding air.

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