Heater Hire

Gas Fired Heaters

Best used in situations where
a more powerful heating solution
is required. Our fully portable
gas-fired units are renowned for
being among the most robust and
efficient heaters on the market.

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Oil Fired Heaters

Built with industrial puposes in
mind, our oil-fired direct heating
units provide optimal solutions to
typical warehouse and factory

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Electric Heaters

Our most portable machines yet.
There are few heaters that bring
ease and convenience like these
do. The machines are fume-free
and do not require fuel, so you can
enjoy a hassle-free heating
experience at a flick
of a switch.

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Whether you’re dealing with damp,
the aftermath of a flood or
machinery that has experienced
water ingrees, these dehumidifiers
provide excellent results in even
the toughest of moisture

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