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Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)

Ideal for:
Server Rooms | Factories | Warehouses

The Airrex range of industrial portable air conditioning units is considered the industry standard  air con unit of its type. They are by far the toughest, most reliable and versatile units on the portable air conditioner market. Ideal for factories, studios, industrial use, laboratories, workshops. Perhaps the most popular use of this very adaptable aircon unit is in computer server room cooling applications.  The HSC-3500 is the 'Big Daddy' of the range and has three directional hoses for maximum aircon flow.

Digital Controller with 'Off timer', Temperature Controller, Self Checking and Emergency Operation - Automatic exhaust fan speed control - 'Tank full' warning -  capacity between 8-9 litres - Exhaust duct can be extended up to 39f. (12m) - Aluminium mesh filters for easy cleaning and long life. - Three flexible directional cold air outlet ducts - In room/area mode, for areas up to 625ft2(58m2)

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Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)
Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)Airrex HSC-3500 7.3kW (25,000 Btu)

Customer Ratings & Reviews


The aircon works well but is a little bit too noisy, can hear it through the server room wall. Very happy with the service received.


Brilliant unit and was delivered super quickly. Nothing bad to say about it.

Technical Specification

Air Conditioning Units

220-240V (13 Amp Plug)
R407C / 1200g
490 x 590 x 1300
492 x 592 x 1302

Optional Extras

Insulated Exhaust Duct

This new insulated exhaust duct reduces the duct diameter from 17" (43cm) down to 12" (30cm) thereby making it easier to handle. Being 2.8metres long, it can either be ducted out of a window or vertically up into a ceiling void. The duct is also insulated which improves the cooling efficiency because heat is not being put back into the room/area.

The open end (12" diam) has a velcro cuff and this enables easy and efficient fitting of our 3 metre extension lengths which also have velcro cuffs. Loops are fitted to both reducer duct and extensions should support be neccessary.

Cool Arm Extension
3 Metres

Cool Arm Extension<br> 3 Metres

PRICE: £7.50
Per Week

5m Extension
Heavy Duty Cord

5m Extension<br> Heavy Duty Cord

PRICE: £4.50
Per Week

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