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Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)

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This stylish unit proved one of our most popular hire aircons last year and is rated 12,000Btu (3.5Kw). Unusually for a portable air con unit, it features a very high quality air filtration system which can bring great relief to hayfever sufferers. We believe that this is the only mobile air conditioning unit with this feature.

It is highly adaptable and has a 1.5m hose for easy ducting.

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Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)
Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)Amcor 3.5kW (12,000 Btu)

Customer Ratings & Reviews


lovely looking unit, gets quite noisy but keeps my living room cool so cant complain! highly recommended


Simple / easy to use. Cold air comes out so I'm happy

Technical Specification

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220-240V (13 Amp Plug)
R410A / 500g
830 x 500 x 410
840 x 510 x 415
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