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window or suspended ceilings.

PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)

Ideal for:
Server Rooms | Offices | Shops

The PAC is the ideal emergency portable Air Conditioner designed for cooling applications where there is no close access to an opening window / door for exhausting the heat.

The PAC 22 has a narrow cooling line leading to the outside condenser box that can reach up to 30M (98ft) in five metre lengths and it is a rare occurrence when this emergency portable air conditioner cannot cope with the most difficult situations.

The cooling capacity of this PAC22 mobile air conditioner is a massive 22,000 Btu (6.4Kw)

If there are structural difficulties with the proposed installation site we may carry out a survey first and quote for installation accordingly. *Installation (when required) is charged at £58.00 plus vat, per unit.

Standard Price (Up to 15m Hose)

CODE: hirepac-22split6.5kw22,000btu


per week
ex. VAT
Standard Price (Up to 30m Hose)
Per Week
ex. VAT

Cooling area:

PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)
PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)PAC-22 Split 6.5kW (22,000 Btu)

Customer Ratings & Reviews


It was the only air conditioner that would do the job but it's not on the cheap side. Need to get my fitted aircon fixed ASAP!

Technical Specification

Air Conditioning Units

220-240V (13 Amp Plug)
R407C / 1200g
Indoor 122Kg - Outdoor 20Kg
810 x 390 x 1282
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