Western Australia Classrooms To Be Built Without Air Conditioning

Despite Western Australia’s status as one of Australia’s most consistently hot geographical areas, the State’s education board has decided to limit the number of air conditioners installed in new school buildings and existing classrooms. The policy is in line with … Continue reading

The World's Hottest Cities – 3 Destinations Where Air Conditioning is a Must

Bangkok Skyline by Mobile First.

Need to travel to somewhere hot? If the winter cold spell is getting you down, a quick trip to one of these tropical hot-spots could be just what’s needed. However, you’d better be comfortable with an air conditioner – with … Continue reading

A few tips on the various air conditioners available to you

There are three basic varieties of fixed home air conditioning systems: central air conditioners; split air conditioners and room air conditioners – and here are a few tips for you if you’re in the market for one or needing to … Continue reading