6 Devastating Heat Waves and Bizarre Weather Events (Part Two)

<<< Part One 4. The 1995 Chicago City Heat Wave Source: http://tinyurl.com/2wpkxhw Chicago wasn’t the most desirable city in the mid-1990s. With its reputation damaged by crime and the economy still recovering from the early 1990s recession, the Windy City … Continue reading

6 Devastating Heat Waves and Bizarre Weather Events (Part One)

Ever wake up, get dressed, and step out the door to be greeted with a wave of ultra-hot air? Whether you’re located in the tropics or the subarctic, there’s little doubt you’ve felt that burst of warm air as you … Continue reading

Air Conditioned Circus Tent Puts Paid to Sweltering Queues At Disney World

You pay through the nose for the liberty of spending good times with the likes of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto – yet for all of Disney World’s fun and fantasia, queueing in scorching hot temperatures for half the day isn’t … Continue reading

LG roll out crystal clear ambitions for new air conditioners

LG have become a pioneer in the evolution of next-generation appliances with innovative products such as TV refrigerators, remote monitoring washing machines and network connected appliances – not to mention their ARTCOOL air conditioners decorated with classic art pieces by … Continue reading

Monster Raving Loony Party turn up the heat with manifesto

One of Britain’s best-loved political parties has made a series of eye-catching proposals in their manifesto. The Monster Raving Loony Party is fielding up to 50 candidates across the country at the general election. Nutty Farrquha Perigrine Parker is contesting … Continue reading

Rio De Janeiro Heat Wave Causes Over 30 Deaths, Slows Business

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, nov.07 by kaysha.

While Brazil’s capital city certainly isn’t renowned for cool temperatures, few residents expected summer heat levels to reach almost 40°C. Average high temperatures throughout March and April tend to hover around 32°C, but this year’s heat wave has seen daytime … Continue reading

Google, Amazon and Microsoft Protest New Air Conditioning Regulations

Server Room Powerstrips by camknows.

Despite Google’s reputation as a ‘green’ corporate giant, the California-based search company is fighting back against new power regulations that would cause significant problems for their air conditioner data centres. Claiming that they do not object to energy guidelines and … Continue reading