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Airrex HSC-2500

Server Room Portable Aircon


  • Spot/Area Cooling
  • Areas up to 49m² (525 ft²)
  • 21,000 Btu. (6.1 Kw.)


Airrex HSC-3500

Airrex Computer Room Air Conditioner


  • Spot/Area Cooling
  • Areas up to 57m² (625 ft²)
  • 25,000 Btu. (7.3 Kw.)



PAC 22 Split Air Conditioner

Ideal for:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Multi Speed Motor Fan
  • 22,200 Btu. (6.5 kw.)


Server Room Cooling / Air conditioning

Whether trying to cool an entire server room or just a single server within your office, The Air Conditioning Company can help. We have many solutions including small portable air conditioning units that that have enough cooling capacity for most small businesses or fitted systems that are more aesthetically pleasing, and can produce a much larger cooling capacity.

As computers have become an essential part of almost every organisation, it is very important to ensure your computer equipment is running at the correct temperature. They start running slower at high temperatures and will then either automatically shutdown or crash causing in some cases loss of data. Within our Rental fleet, we have portable air conditioning units that can be used to supplement your existing air con system, or when your fixed air conditioning system is being repaired or replaced.

When upgrading or increasing the amount of servers, remember to consider the server room cooling that will be required. During the hot summer months, we have many phone calls from people requiring a mobile air conditioning unit because the fixed air con system cannot cope, and the computers are dangerously hot. We at The Air Conditioning Company are able rent commercial air conditioning units and normally deliver the same day.

The advantage of renting portable air conditioning units, is that you only need them during the hot summer months, and space might be at a premium. A rented unit is also guaranteed to be replaced quickly in the unlikely event of the aircon unit failing, and the total cost of renting air conditioning can be offset against tax.

For a long term solution we recommend a fixed air conditioning unit as these require less maintenance and are suitable for sealed server room that do not have access to a window for venting the hot air. Some fitted air con systems can be connected via pipe work to up to 30 meter’s away from the outside unit, especially useful for internal offices or basements. If you require a quotation then either view our Coolculator or Call our fixed air conditioning team who will be happy to help with any questions you might have on 020 8346 6000.

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