Naked Man Clings To Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is great for all kinds of reasons – it keeps you cool when you’re too warm, it can warm you up when you’re too cold, and of course it’s the perfect place to hide when your lover’s husband arrives home from work early.

naked man on aircon

This Image was taken from the video of a naked man, clinging onto an eighth floor air conditioning unit, has been shared by an onlooker in China via video site LiveLeaks.

Speculation is rife that the naked man is hiding outside his lover’s apartment, due to their liaison being interrupted in the middle of the action. Although we don’t know how long this unfortunate Romeo was left dangling, we do know it’s not the first time that this exact same thing has happened in China.

Last year a man had to be rescued by firefighters after spending the night on a seventh storey ledge outside his lover’s window, because her husband had arrived home unexpectedly. He, too, was kept company by air conditioning – in this case he was sandwiched between two air con units.

And of course who could forget this guy on AirCon in 2009.

Before we start advertising our air conditioning services to those conducting illicit affairs, it’s probably best we point out that this is not the best use for an air conditioning unit.

So, please, don’t start asking for advice on which type of unit to install for this particular purpose.

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