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The Air Conditioning Company

We have been installing air conditioning systems in homes and offices for over 25 years and are proud to be the only Air Conditioning Installer in the United Kingdom to offer a 10 Year Warranty on all of our installations.

Don't assume that we're expensive because you can see many 'big names' on our Client List. We win these large and often small contracts for the precise reason that we are very competitive.

Our Clients Our Clients

The Beginning...

The Air Conditioning Company commenced trading in 1986 in London with Chairman Jeff Salmon (now famed for his lead role in Channel 4's series, Four Rooms) at the helm. Jeff was the first person to bring portable air conditioners into the UK and he decided to create a mascot to help publicise us to the masses. Some weeks later Cucumberman was born... a lewd radio character who liked to rap about air conditioning and appear in people's bedrooms in the middle of the night (listen to our adverts and find out more here).

Years later Cucumberman has since retired and our marketing has changed, however, we are now (probably!) the best known aircon installers and hirer of portable air conditioners in the United Kingdom.

Our Service

Nothing is more important to us than proving, not only to you our customers, but to us as well, that there isn't an air conditioning company in the land that can beat us in terms of customer service.

It's one thing installing a unit, but it's a totally different discipline offering the "complete package". Our after-sales service is beyond compare and we believe that this is the very reason why our repeat business ratio is so high (our engineers actually believe that its because they're the hunkiest engineers in town).

It is a rare occurrence when we are unable to attend an emergency breakdown within 4 hours and, more often than not, within couple of hours.

Our Ethos

From the outset we wanted to stand out from our competitors and turn the industry on its head. We have been the innovators in the air conditioning sector since our fruition. Our proactiveness in using new tools and technologies has always kept us way ahead of the competition in terms of service, quality and price.

Our core goal that we make sure that we don't deviate from is Jeff's dream of creating the friendliest air conditioning company on earth. A company that knows all the technical terms but explains them in a language that's easy to understand.

Our Showroom

We believe we are the only Air Conditioning Installation company in the UK boasting our own fully functional showroom with examples of every type of Air Conditioning System available. Indeed, our showroom also doubles up as our headquarters and we welcome you, your designers or architects to visit us.

Please telephone us to arrange an appointment. This way you will be able to make your choice based on an informed decision after actually hearing the noise levels and feeling the efficiency of the units rather than simply relying upon a brochure illustration. Further, you will be able to see the quality of our installations.

Fun at Airconco HQ

Airconco UK Ltd Contact Details:
Main address: Unit 4, Bittacy Business Centre, Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill East, London NW7 1BA London, UK
Tel:(+44)020 8346 6000, E-mail:


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