White Wall Mounted Air Conditioner installed in a Restaurant

All About Air Conditioners for Restaurants

Keeping your customers comfortable is the primary concern for all restaurateurs and climate control is a huge part of that. When recommending air conditioners for restaurants it is essential that one takes into consideration the room shape, seating arrangements before deciding on the location of the air conditioning unit/s.

The Air Conditioning Company know that a pleasurable dining experience keeps customers coming back so we use our expertise to make sure your customers are kept perfectly cool. Clients will be sat at their tables a significant periods of time so the last thing you want is customers complaining about a cold draft!

We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job. All surveys are carried out by our highly-experienced air conditioning surveyors who can tackle even the toughest of restaurant installations.

Ideal Systems for Restaurants: Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are commonplace in restaurants around the world. They are typically the most cost-effective option and easy to retrofit without the need for redecoration. Wall-mounted units are long, thin, and placed at a high level on the wall.

Whilst wall-mounted units are usually the cheapest option it’s still important to place them correctly for maximum comfort and effect. They should be placed as centrally as possible on a wall to ensure that the airflow can cover the whole room.
For larger restaurants it’s advantageous to place multiple lower-powered units around the room rather than having fewer more-powerful units. This ensures an even airflow and removes the chance of getting hot/cold spots in the seating area.

Ceiling Mounted 'Cassette' Units for Restaurants

Ceiling mounted ‘cassette’ units are and excellent solution for restaurants. They are a little more costly than wall units, however, they are almost entirely hidden within a suspended ceiling and are therefore more discreet and aesthetically pleasing in a restaurant environment; all that is visible is an almost-flush facia panel. They also have the advantage of providing an even four-way air flow which ensures comfortable cooling for all your diners.

Whilst ceiling cassette air conditioners are designed to be hidden within a false ceiling many restaurants and cafes, particularly those with high ceilings, keep the whole unit exposed which gives a cool ‘industrial’ look and feel.

Ducted Units for Restaurants

Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for restaurants and cafes that are looking for an ‘invisible’ air conditioner. They are usually the most expensive option; however, they are also the most aesthetically pleasing as the duct-work and internal units are hidden entirely within a suspended ceiling with only small grilles remaining visible.

Installing a ducted system is best undertaken as part of a building project when launching a new restaurant. They can even be retrofitted with very little disturbance if a suspended ceiling is already in place.

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