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Terms & Conditions of Use of our Copyright Material (as of 27th June 2017)

Every sentence, every paragraph, every graphic, every image and every video on this website are either our copyright or, in the case of licenced stock images, the appropriate photographic agencies.

We are exceptionally proud of our website and we jealously protect our original material not least we have spent hundreds of expensive man-hours creating what we believe is far and away the best air conditioning website on the internet.  The design and content have been created in-house by our own design team helped by those wonderful guys at the world’s best design agency (IMHO)

In a concerted effort to prevent plagiarism by those who have made a conscious decision to ‘lift’ our copyright material, please note the following:

– We both authorise and allow third party websites to use our copyright material but this is strictly subject to our usage charges below.

– When we find that a website has ‘lifted’ our copyright material without having written to us first requesting such permission, we shall, in the first instance, write to them asking them either to pay our charges within 72hrs or to take down the wording from that third party website until such time that payment has been made.

– Please note that we consider any use of our copyright material as having been fully authorised by us and our fees are payable within 14 days of our having invoiced the owners of that third party website.

– We will only allow our material to be used for a minimum and maximum period of 12 months. However, further usage will be granted and invoiced at the same initial rate plus RPI.

– We offer third party websites a 30% discount off our published charges to those website owners who have contacted us and paid our fees before using our material.

– In the event that a third party website owner takes down our copyright material, please be mindful that our full fees are payable in any event.

– The usage of our copyright material on a third party website, whether requested or not, is considered as though that third party website has entered into a contract for such usage with Airconco (UK) Ltd.


Any video – £2,950.00 per video per annum

Any graphic – £1,950.00 per graphic

Any copyrighted image – £1,750.00 per image

Wording – £535.00 + VAT per paragraph

All prices are excluding VAT.

*Our minimum and maximum usage allowed is twelve months. We define the number of lines and paragraphs as those laid out on our website www.airconco.comPlease note that we will not consider any pro-rata periods of unauthorised usage for less or more than twelve months.

Non-commercial or educational websites / blogs

If your site falls under this heading and you wish to use our videos / graphics free of charge* (not wording) please email in the first instance with your request and we shall be pleased to consider your request favourably.