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Copyright Notice (as of 1st June 2018)

1. We are exceptionally proud of our website. We have spent hundreds of expensive man-hours creating (and continuing to create on a daily basis) what we believe is far and away the best air conditioning website on the internet. This has resulted in our website being rewarded by major search engines with exceptionally high rankings. The design and content have been created in-house by our own design team helped by those wonderful guys at the world’s best design agency (in our humble and bias opinion), Fishfinger Media.

2. The copyright in this website and the material on this website (including without limitation the text, computer code, artwork, photographs, images, music, audio material, video material and audio-visual material on this website) is owned by us, Airconco UK Ltd. The only exceptions to this are a few licenced stock images, whose copyright belongs to the appropriate photographic agencies. There are also articles where the actual copyright of those articles may belong to the publisher but we have demonstrably paid for exclusive use of that material.

Copyright Licences

3. Any visitor to our website may:

– view pages from our website, including embedded video files, in a browser;
– download pages from our website for caching in a browser; and
– print pages from our website for non-commercial use;

subject to the other provisions of this notice.

4. All other rights are reserved. In particular, unless you have licensed the relevant rights from us (see below), you must not:

a) republish material from our website (on another website or otherwise howsoever), whether in its current form or in any adapted, edited, or otherwise changed form;

b) sell, rent or sub-license material from our website;

c) show any material from our website in public;

d) exploit material from our website for any commercial purpose; or

e) redistribute material from our website.

5. At our discretion, we may on occasion licence third parties to use parts of our carefully created copyright material subject to our permission being sought and granted in advance, and to advance payment of our fees as follows (all prices are per annum and exclude VAT):

a) Videos– £2,950 per video*

b) Graphics– £1,950 per graphic*

c) Photographs and images– £1,750 per photograph or image*

d) Page design / Layout – £2,000 per page*

e) Text– £535 per paragraph from our site*

f) Text that we have demonstrably paid a publisher and copyright holder for exclusivity – £135 per paragraph from our site*

* Charges are per use, for example, if the same image is used twice on a page then you will be charged twice, not once.

6. Please note that we do not licence for periods of less than a year.

7. We may be willing to grant a royalty-free licence for use of our videos or graphics (but not other material) for non-commercial or educational purposes. Please email with details of your intended use and we will be pleased to consider your request.

Enforcement of our copyright

8. We jealously protect our original material and do not tolerate plagiarism.

9. If we discover that you have copied our copyright material for your own website, without first having written to us requesting such permission and paying our licence fee, please note that by law we are entitled to (and will if necessary instruct our international copyright lawyers to seek via the courts):

a) Compensatory damages, constituting the usage charges set out above;

b) Additional damages under section 97(2) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and/or Article 13(1) of EU Directive 2004/48/EC, which are likely to be many times the sum that would have been payable in usage charges;

c) Alternatively, at our option, an account of the profits that any infringing party has made from the use of our copyright material, or to which our copyright material has contributed; and

d) An injunction to prohibit any further unauthorised use of our copyright work.

10. Please note that removing our copyright material after we contact you does not avoid your obligation to pay.

11. If we are forced to issue court proceedings then you may also be ordered to pay our legal costs


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