• Leaking Water
    Leaking Water

    The most common issues we get asked to resolve is when a unit is dripping water. The main reasons for a unit leaking can be because the unit has not been serviced or the condensate pump has failed. This type of repair is nearly always completed within the first hour on site, making it a fairly simple repair. The condensate pump is a serviceable part and our London based engineers keep stocks on the van should it need replacing. Call our team to arrange for an engineer to attend site today.

  • Not Cooling
    Not Cooling

    If the unit turns on but is not producing either cool or warm air then the air conditioning unit might have a gas leak. The aircon system will need inspecting to find the leak and repair it. We can test the pipework, and vac the system to remove any air or moisture before filling it with the correct amount and type of refrigerant. This process takes on average 4 hours to complete. Call our aircon repair team today.

  • No Power
    No Power

    When the units appear to be dead, and nothing is showing on the wall controller it is best to check your main fuse board to ensure it has not tripped. You can also check the electrical isolator that will be located next to the outdoor unit to ensure this is in the on position. If both these items appear okay, then you will require an air conditioning engineer to attend site to diagnose the potential problem. Often it is a simple fix but should the system require parts we will always provide a written quotation before proceeding thus ensuring that you do not receive an unexpected repair bill.

    Call our air conditioning repair team today.

  • Noisy Unit
    Noisy Unit

    If the outdoor unit is making more noise than usual, then it might require a replacement fan motor and likewise for the indoor unit. The condensate pump which removes moisture from the system may also be at fault as when these start to fail they can become noisy. All of the above point towards an imminent failure of the system and early diagnosis and repair are essential to prevent further damage.

  • Bad Smell
    Bad Smell

    Air conditioning units are recirculating the air within the room. Therefore, smells and odours build up on the cooling coils. The system is removing the moisture from the atmosphere, and therefore, you can have a build-up of bacteria that can only be removed with specialist chemicals. Having the units regularly serviced is a sure-fire way of eliminating these bad smells.

  • Not Heating
    Not Heating

    Ensuring the controller is set to heating mode might sound like an obvious solution but is the most common diagnosis we make over the phone! If the air conditioning unit is neither heating nor cooling, then the system may well be short of refrigerant gas indicating that a leak has occurred.
    If your system has an infrared remote control, it is wise to change the batteries as often the remote does not have enough power to send the signal to the unit despite the display looking normal.

  • Gas Leak
    Gas Leak

    The systems come pre-charged with refrigerant gas and should not require a top up unless a leak has occurred in the system. Our air conditioning engineers have all the specialist equipment to enable them to find and repair a gas leak and decommission the system. This process invariably takes 4 hours to complete.
    For critical systems, such as those installed in server rooms, for example, we are also able to hire portable air conditioners to keep your organisation up and running during repairs.

  • Poor Performance
    Poor Performance

    Having the unit regularly serviced will maintain the optimum performance of the air conditioning system. When a unit has not been serviced the build up of grime prevents the air conditioning system from ‘breathing’ both in and out. This will often result in not only poor performance but increased running costs and system failures. A sure fire sign that a system is blocked is the build up of ice on either the indoor or outdoor units.
    Call our expert air conditioning engineers today.

Air conditioning installer repairing an air conditioner

Our Air Conditioner Repair Service

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, experienced air con repair engineers all over London and the Home Counties ready to fix your systems promptly.

We will also repair AC units even if we did not install them. In 2019, 88% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a 12-month warranty on every repair we undertake.

Many of the top 500 stock market companies in London have relied upon The Air Conditioning Company for many years. They know that we are capable of fixing a faulty air conditioning system fast, with the minimum of fuss and at competitive prices, preventing what can often prove to be costly downtime.

airconco engineer repairing an air conditioner

Our Air Conditioning Repair Engineers

Our senior AC repair engineers have years of experience and undertake continual in-depth training courses provided by leading air conditioner manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Gree, and Samsung. This in-depth knowledge allows our repair engineers to quickly determine the nature of any faults and repair your broken down air conditioner.

We carry a wide range of replacement parts on our vans, saving our customers time and money (by fixing the unit there and then). If we need to source a part directly from the manufacturers, our buying power means that we can ensure that our customers get the best value in the shortest possible lead time.

Emergency air conditioners to hire.

Emergency Portable Air Conditioners

Should your unit fall into the unfortunate 11% of units that we are unable to repair on our first visit, there is still no need to worry!

We have a wide range of portable AC units that are ideal for homes, offices, and server rooms. Simply call our office and our dedicated portable sales and hire team will be able to recommend the perfect unit for your room.

If parts are required for your faulty AC unit, we can arrange for an emergency mobile unit to be placed in the room until we are able to order the parts and return to fit them. And you don’t need to worry about surprise bills; we will always provide you with a written quotation for approval before ordering any parts or carrying out repairs.
If your AC unit is obsolete or parts are no longer available, we can arrange for an emergency mobile unit to be delivered until such time that we can quote to replace your obsolete system.

Air conditioning unit to repair

How Much Does an Aircon Repair Cost?

We diagnose the majority of breakdowns within the first hour so it is unusual that you will pay more than our initial call-out charge. In rare instances when a call out exceeds one hour, additional time is only charged in half-hour increments. If we are unable to repair the fault at the first diagnostic visit, e.g. parts are required, or our engineers require several hours to carry out repairs, we will quote to carry out repairs at a subsequent visit.

The main cost of a major air conditioning repair is, more often than not, the spare parts themselves. On occasion, our engineers recommend that it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system, specifically if the unit is very old or contains R22 refrigerant gas which was banned some years ago and cannot be used to re-commission AC systems.

It has been our experience that 60% to 70% of air conditioner breakdowns that require a call out are avoidable as the faults have been a direct result of poor routine AC maintenance. Had these units been subject to regular planned preventative maintenance by a competent firm of AC installers, they would not have failed in the first instance. Maybe use us next time!

Call our expert team now for your emergency repair.

Customer Reviews

22. Mar
Amazing from start to finish!
We chose the Air Conditioning Company to install a system in our very hot 2-bed flat (essentially like a greenhouse!). The service was excellent and Chris the engineer was especially friendly.The installation was completed in 4 days and its works great.I couldnt recommend them enough.Thanks Guys!
29. Sep
Very good
Very quick service for a new installation, genuinely interested in the needs of the customer.
23. Sep
Great Company!
We chose the Air Con Company to install two units at our offices in Kent. They are Excellent! Very friendly, very helpful and professional. We couldn't have asked for a better company. The installers were tidy well presented and did an excellent job. We chose wall mounted units that cool and heat; we are actually looking forward to winter so we can use the system to its full potential!Thanks so much guys!
21. Sep
Efficient and professional
Have used this company for some years, always efficient,professional and punctual and will tell you if they are going to be late. Had a credit note/refund as the time taken for the job was not as long as anticipated.
14. Sep
Bought a nice AC unit from the AC company
Very helpful and friendly staff at their warehouse in Mill Hill and a very good second hand unit. Highly recommended for your air conditioning needs!
8. Sep
Great service and products
A pleasure to do business with this friendly and knowledgeable company.
1. Sep
On time, friendly, efficient and honest
Needed some maintenance on domestic air con units. The AirConCo guys arrived on time and carried out the work efficiently. They were a little quicker to complete the work than they had estimated (and that I had pre-paid for) and AirConCo have refunded some of my bill which is impressive given they could have dragged their feet a bit to get to the scheduled time and not have refunded me.....great service and honesty
23. Aug
Exactly what we wanted
The Air Conditioning Company provided us with very good advice in choosing the unit we needed. The preparation and installation of the item was done efficiently and in conjunction with our builders. The unit is working very well. All we need now is some sunshine!

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