Air Conditioner Manufacturers that The Air Conditioning Company offer a 10-year warranty on (mobile)

Air Conditioning Manufacturers

The brands below, listed in no particular order, are by far the best quality manufacturers aircon units worldwide. Not only are they acknowledged as the leaders in their field, but their dedication to outstanding quality and continued technical innovation ensures that they remain the most trusted brands in the industry. Most importantly, these are the only manufacturers that we believe are worthy of our unrivalled 10-year warranty.

There are countless manufacturers of air conditioners around the globe whose products can be purchased in the UK market which can make choosing the right brand confusing. Here at The Air Conditioning Company, we’ve used our 30 years of experience to narrow down the list of available manufacturers to just the best of the best, so you don’t have to worry. We will guide you step by step, and we assure you that you’ll end up with the perfect choice.

It may surprise you to learn that the difference in price between first-tier brands and “el cheapo” units is often less than 10%. That old saying, “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap” should be borne in mind when purchasing air con units because the acquisition of a cheap brand can prove over literally a couple of years to have been a very expensive purchase!

Daikin Logo, with Emura wall mounted air conditioner

Daikin Air Conditioning

Alongside Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin is considered to be the brand leaders in the global air conditioning industry. Across the entire Daikin Europe Group, the company employs a staff of over 6,000.

Their products and components are of an exceptional quality, and the brand is backed by over 70 years of successful trading. Daikin’s worldwide reputation has been enhanced by winning countless awards for quality, design, and technology. Daikin is considered by many people in the industry to be the gold standard of air conditioning in the UK.

Daikin has some fantastic air conditioning models available and one of their most advanced wall-mounted systems, the Daikin Emura, includes ‘intelligent eye’ that can direct its airflow away from people in the room to avoid cold drafts. The Emura, available in silver or white, is also one of the best-looking units on the market.

Gree Moda Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit and Gree Logo

Gree Air Conditioning

Perhaps not as well known in the UK, Gree has been operating for 25 years and now employs over 70,000 people. In a relatively short time, they have built up an enviable reputation and their air conditioners are now sold in over 200 countries. Gree now manufactures 1 in every 3 air conditioning units sold worldwide, and their success can be attributed to the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance components. Their commitment to improvement is reflected in the more than 11,500 technology and invention patents they own.

In 2009, Gree and Daikin Air Conditioning entered into a joint manufacturing partnership that has gone from strength to strength.

Despite industry-leading design and reliability, Gree air conditioners are sold at an exceptional price, and we pass these savings directly onto our customers.

Gree’s flagship unit is the Gree Moda, a super-sleek unit that is probably the thinnest unit on the market. It is aimed at high-end residential installations or any shop or office where aesthetics are key.

Mitsubushi Electric Zen Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit and ME Logo

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi is an instantly recognisable trademark and their brand-leading air conditioners certainly deserve the credit they receive. Their units are extremely well built and robust and will guarantee years of reliable use. Much like Daikin, they also fall into the higher-priced end of the market which is to be expected from a company that has been continually manufacturing the highest quality products for over 30 years in the UK.

Their commitment to energy efficiency is globally recognised as a substantial part of their product range offering A+++ energy ratings (that’s a lot of pluses!).

Mitsubishi has an extensive array of air conditioners that are ideal for all situations no matter how complex the installation. One of their most popular units is the Mitsubishi Zen, available in silver, white or black. These units are also aimed at high-end residential installations or where aesthetics are important to our customers. We have installed many hundreds of these very attractive looking units across London and the Home Counties.

Mitsubushi Heavy Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit and MHI Logo

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

It may seem confusing, but there are two companies that go by the name of Mitsubishi in the air conditioning industry. The two Mitsubishi companies may share the same name, but that is about all that they share. Mitsubishi Electric, a former division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, broke away in 1921 to embark on semiconductor technology. Their routes into the air conditioning market couldn’t have been more different but now, almost 100 years later, they are actually direct competitors in the air conditioning market.

MHI products are specifically built with longevity in mind. While some of their units may not be as visually appealing as those of their competitors, their main focus is on the creation of high-functioning air conditioning components and systems for a wide-range of applications. The MHI price point is also particularly attractive to customers and whenever we have installed these our customers have always been delighted with the performance and reliability of their units.

Samsung Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit and Company Logo

Samsung Air Conditioning

In terms of consumer electronics, Samsung is perhaps one of the best known and trusted brands in the world. While they are relatively new to the UK air conditioning market, the quality of their AC units is of an extremely high standard. Our engineers have pulled these units apart and have confirmed that they very much meet the high standards we expect from AC systems before we award them with our unique 10-year warranty.

With Samsung’s UK AC launch, they introduced the Samsung ‘Virus Doctor’, a device that uses a revolutionary system that kills airborne viruses. It’s become hugely popular in homes, schools, offices and hospitals. Samsung is continuing to release more aircon products in the UK and their most notable announcement was the Q9000 Floor standing unit. It looks like a floor speaker, but it’s super-cool and smart.

Fujitsu Logo, with wall mounted air conditioning unit

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Another well known UK brand, Fujitsu, is known for its comprehensive range of advanced and reliable air conditioners that are keenly priced.

We have been installing Fujitsu products for many years as they provide reliable units for our customers who may not have the budget to install the more expensive, brand-leading air conditioners. Having said that, the quality of Fujitsu air conditioners is excellent, and our engineers are fully confident in their performance. Despite the keen pricing of Fujitsu air conditioners, we are nevertheless completely confident in their reliability and are more than happy to install these under our unique 10-year warranty.

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