Types of Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

White Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner installed in a School Classroom

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

The most common type of ceiling aircon units are called ‘cassettes. They are best-suited to rooms with a false or suspended ceiling and are ideal for use in offices and shops. The main body of the unit is hidden within the ceiling void with just a very thin facia visible and it thus neatly ‘camouflage’ into the retail or office space.  An important consideration for the installation of ceiling cassettes is that it allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look for air conditioning solutions.

These units have the unique advantage of being able to be placed in the centre of a room and blow cool or warm air in four different directions. A single centrally-mounted ceiling cassette can provide balanced cooling to an entire room or multiple units can be used for larger areas.

Despite the fact that ceiling cassette ac units are hidden within a suspended ceiling (the space that is above the square tiles that many offices have on the ceilings), they are easy to retrofit and can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption.

Typical Rooms for Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Under Ceiling Air Conditioning unit installed in a Server Room

Under-Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning

Under-Ceiling air conditioners are ideal for large commercial premises, workshops or galleries, particularly where floor or wall space is at a premium. Under-Ceiling units are the most powerful models on the market (up to 14kW of cooling) and is able to provide airflow up to 10m away making them long and narrow shops.

Unlike ceiling cassette’ units which are placed within a false ceiling, under ceiling AC units are usually mounted near a wall and just below ceiling height. Whilst they are not considered as aesthetically pleasing as ceiling cassettes, they are a far more powerful option in terms of air flow. The power of these units allows us to recommend fewer aircon units than we would have normally suggested with ceiling cassettes or wall mounted units. This may also help by reducing the installation costs where multiple units may otherwise have been required. They will also free up valuable wall space!

Whilst on the subject of aesthetics, we believe that you can often create a fantastic industrial look in a restaurant using under-ceiling units with far better effect than any other air conditioning option, especially if you ‘go to town’ on some fabulous industrial ducting.

Due to the high power levels of these under ceiling air conditioners we do not recommend installing them in offices, restaurants (although they are suitable for fast food restaurants) or for residential applications. For these types of installations, we would recommend, wall, cassette or ducted units.

Typical Rooms for Under Ceiling Air Conditioners

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Installed In a Medical Room

Units We Recommend

There are a number of ceiling air conditioning manufacturers around the world which can make it difficult to choose the ideal aircon system that best suits your requirements. At the Air Conditioning Company, we’ve used our 30 years of experience to narrow down the list of available manufacturers and only recommend and supply leading brand units from the top manufactures in terms of price, quality, aesthetics and efficiency.

In terms of pricing, we recommend different ranges to suit all budgets. However, it is important to note that just because a unit is cheaper, it does not necessarily mean that it’s technical specifications are not as good as those of a more expensive unit. In many cases, a unit is only more expensive because of the brand name or the aesthetics. The reason we can offer a 10 year warranty on our installations is simply because we know that we can trust both our chosen manufacturers and our expert installers.


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