Wall Mounted Air Conditioning unit installed in a School

All About Air Conditioners for Educational Establishments

When selecting air conditioners for the education environment it is essential that one takes into consideration the shape of the room and layout of the desks. The system design must provide balanced and gentle cooling (or heating), it’s also important to select quiet air conditioners so that they don’t cause any distraction to the class.

Other rooms that you may require air conditioning for may include lecture theatres, computer rooms, lunch halls, common rooms and staff rooms. Just ask our surveyors to measure up and they will provide a quote for any room you wish.

We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job. All surveys are carried out by our experienced air conditioning engineers who can tackle even the toughest of installations. Our 10-year warrantee will guarantee that you get the longevity and best value for money possible.

Ideal Systems for Schools: Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are usually the most cost-effective option for schools and are easy to retrofit without the need for redecoration. Wall-mounted units are long, thin, and placed at a high level on the wall.

When choosing a wall-mounted unit, it is important that they are placed in the optimum position in the room that will provide maximum air flow. Considering that students are often sat in the same seat for long periods of time, our surveyor will ensure that the unit is placed in the best position to avoid any unnecessary cold drafts.

For larger rooms we also often suggest that our clients get two less-powerful units rather than one very powerful one. This ensures the classroom gets a even air flow all round.

Ceiling 'Cassette' Units for Schools

Ceiling mounted ‘cassette’ units are often the best option for schools and colleges. Although they are slightly more expensive than wall units, ceiling ‘cassettes’ are almost entirely hidden within a suspended ceiling in the classroom and are therefore more discreet and aesthetically pleasing; all that is visible is an almost-flush facia panel.

They are placed centrally in the ceiling and also have the advantage of providing an even four-way airflow around the classroom.

Please note that if you do not have a ‘false ceiling’ then you are better off with a wall-mounted unit or under-ceiling air conditioners.

Under-Ceiling Units for Schools

Under-ceiling air conditioners are well-suited to large and long rooms or study halls and cafeterias. They provide powerful air flow up to 10m from the unit and are significantly more powerful than standard wall units and can therefore reduce the amount of units needed. This reduces installation costs where multiple units are required.

Because of their power and they are not ideal for small rooms in a school and you should look at the other options available on this page.

Under ceiling units need to be well-placed to get the full effect and our surveyors will make sure that everything is in place for you to get the best experience possible.

Ducted Units for Schools

Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for the educational environment. They are usually the most expensive option; however, they are also the most aesthetically pleasing as the duct-work and internal units are hidden entirely with only small grilles remaining visible.
They are often installed in new schools, college and university buildings, and it is best to install ducted air conditioning as part of a building project; however, we can also retrofit the systems as long as the classrooms have a suspended ceiling.
Our expert surveyors will be happy to talk you through all the grill designs and options available.
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