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Air Conditioning Repair Service

“Murphy’s Third Law of Air Conditioning” dictates that on the very day you most need your air conditioner to work, it will break down!

We, at The Air Conditioning Company, pride ourselves on our understanding as to how important it is to our customers to be able to arrive at their premises double-fast to repair their Aircon unit before any major financial implication kick-in. For example, if the AirCon unit in the central server room of one of our hospital clients breaks down and is not quickly repaired,  this can lead to a multitude of domino effect situations through the computer servers overheating and crashing.

So many huge names in the City of London (client list)  know that there’s one company that has a dedicated Rapid Repair Response Unit (RRRU) who are capable of repairing a broken air-conditioner fast with the minimum of fuss and expense Preventing what can often prove hugely expensive downtime.

We are prepared to repair units that have not necessarily been installed by us. In 2012,  88% of our callouts resulted in our successfully having repaired the broken unit units on our first visit. We also offer a 12 month warranty on every repair we undertake.

Should your unit fall into that unfortunate category of the 12% of units that we are unable to repair on our first visit, then still no worry!

If we have to source a spare part to replace the broken part of your unit which may have become obsolete, we will arrange for an emergency mobile unit to be placed in the room until we return and complete the repair. It is sincerely a rare instance when this will take more than 48 hours.

Believe it or not, we find that 60% to 70% of breakdowns requiring repairs are generally quite  unavoidable had the unit been subject to a regular annual service by a competent firm of installers. Maybe us next time!

First Aid & Breakdowns

First Aid & Breakdowns

Repairs, servicing and maintenance of your Aircon installation

Should your air conditioning system fail, we offer a rapid, professional repair service delivered by our qualified and expert engineers to get your air conditioning up and running as soon as possible. We also offer a full diagnostic service, even if the system was not installed by us!

However we find that at least 60% of emergency breakdown calls could have been avoided had the unit/s been adequately and regularly maintained at what really is very little cost indeed (and certainly for less cost than your computer system failing from heat overload!)

Our full maintenance plan will keep your equipment in ‘tip top’ condition and will add to the life expectancy of your unit. It will also dramatically decrease the probability of your equipment breaking down in the height of summer.

Please also note that we do not need to have installed your original equipment for you to take advantage of our service and maintenance programmes.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements or have any questions in connection with installed air conditioning systems, please feel free to contact us on 020 3432 6423 or, alternatively, email us at


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