65 air conditioning units stolen in Virginia Beach

Cartoon- there is no air conditioning in hell65 air conditioning units have been stolen throughout West Virginia city over the past four months.

Air conditioning units have been reported missing from dozens of businesses and private residences, said Detective Tonya Borman, the Police Department’s Crime Solvers coordinator. Each of the units are valued at more than $200,000.

Some cases saw several of the units taken out at one time while other thefts were from unoccupied residences with for-sale signs on the front. Many of the units were broken down into parts, however some were taken whole.

Air conditioning units situated in fenced-in yards are the ones that are best protected, Bernstein said. Installing motion-sensor lights and video surveillance is also said to help.

People who have had their air conditioning units stolen over the past five years have installed a cage around the unit to prevent it from being stolen again.

Any suspicious activity is asked to be reported to police straight away.

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