When the sweltering summer heat arrives, installing air conditioning becomes a priority for most homes and commercial properties. As this time approaches, many are sourcing ways to conduct an installation cost-efficiently and within a limited timeframe before the temperature conditions become unbearable. While you may find a self-installed air conditioner, it is recommended to have this done professionally by a trained technician who can recommend the right placement, unit, maintenance and advice. There are a few benefits to having your AC installed by a qualified technician; let’s look at these.

Cost Savings

If you opt to install your air conditioner, this may lead to issues later down the line resulting in high-cost repairs and replacements. This process is not a simple job that anyone can read instructions and manage. If you lack the skill set to fit your AC unit, you may choose the wrong size for your space, implement a deficient drainage system, seal the ductwork poorly, or position the thermostat in the wrong area. While it may seem convenient to have it added to your property as quickly as possible, this will not benefit you in the long term, and you should book our experienced team to run this process for you. As well as an incorrect fitting leading to repair costs, it can also result in cool air leaking into your walls and crawlspace, wasting energy and money. Using a price calculator will allow you to understand the amount you need to spend for your desired cooling needs.

Time And Effort

On average, a generic fitting takes around 4 hours; however, installing your own air conditioner will increase this timeframe based on your lack of skill set and knowledge of the processes that must occur. Understanding the manufacturer’s instructions to follow installation protocols and owning the correct tools and materials is something that our trained professionals are confident in; they will be able to provide you with a service you can rely on, knowing we are here for all of your AC needs from installation to maintenance and repairs.


For efficient and, most importantly, safe day-to-day running, you must understand the electrical wiring, refrigerant lines and ventilation requirements before fitting a unit into your property. This will not be commonly known in most households, so booking one of our expert teams to assist you in this area is a must. It is essential to remember that an improper installation can lead to system malfunctions, safety hazards and even a potential void of your warranty.

Safety Issues

There are many reasons self-install air conditioners pose a risk to our safety. Working with electrical wiring, various components and refrigerant lines can be dangerous, so ensuring we prevent dangers while operating these units should be the highest priority. Mishandling the electricals can cause shocks and fire hazards, while improper refrigerant line processes can harm our environments and health. Each member of our team has undergone training to gain the skillset and awareness to ensure all protocols are followed, minimising risks associated with AC installs.


You may be aware that most aircon units are available with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects you for repairs and replacements over a specific timeframe. These warranties will only remain valid if you ensure you follow the required processes for the best upkeep and maintenance of your unit. Attempting to conduct your own installation may result in a void of your warranty if anything bad was to occur to the system leaving you responsible for future repairs and replacements. Hiring one of our licensed technicians will ensure your warranty stays intact and provide you with peace of mind.

While saving money through a self-conducted installation process may be appealing, this only leads to risks, drawbacks and issues in the long term. Unless you have the necessary experience and knowledge to do this, contacting the AirconCo team to do this for you will ensure your fitting and future AC needs are correct, efficient and, most importantly, safe. Prioritise your safety and long-term savings with a hassle-free service.

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