Our policy statement outlines the environmental commitments and what we believe are our social obligations we undertake in our trading.
Airconco (UK) Ltd is totally committed to environmentally sound practices, preventing environmental pollution and to ensure the preservation of natural resources.

Commitment & Objectives

We will make every endeavour to prevent environmental damage by minimising energy used within our offices and warehouses and to ensure that sustainable development is operational through all of our offices.

Therefore, it is our commitment to:

Support the recycling and reuse of all materials where possible but at the same time to ensure that we can maintain a professional and safe working environment.
We shall, on a regular basis, establish and measure our environmental performance against the objectives we will set on a regular basis and we will ensure that any mistakes are quickly rectified and change the current practices appropriately.
We will always comply and, if possible, try to exceed the requirements of any such environmental laws.
All wastes that arise from our business activities will be legally disposed of. We will provide our staff with adequate and appropriate information and full training to ensure that they are competent in all matters of environmental damage minimisation.

The objectives and principles that we are working towards

The following are the objectives recognised by the UK Government:

Conservation of natural resources
Environmental protection
Equality and social progress
The stability of economic growth

We thus consider it both our moral and our legal responsibility to ensure that none of our business activities cause damage to the environment and we wish to both enhance and sustain the environment and we will do everything within our power to encourage our suppliers and our customers to make every effort to act similarly.

Our Environmental Policy relating to Air Conditioning

We will ensure that all of the products that we sell will meet, at the very least, all European Legislation.

We will only purchase air conditioning equipment from large international manufacturers who have similar environmental policies and objectives to our own company.

We will ensure that all of our portable air conditioning equipment is de-gassed in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive which came into force on 2nd January 2007.

The Air Conditioning Company is committed to only using equipment that promotes refrigerants that have a reduced impact on the environment.


The EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires all Member EU countries to maximise the separate collection, reuse and recycling of WEEE. The UK WEEE Regulations (derived from this Directive) applies to all Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) placed on the market in the UK covered by the scope of these Regulations.

Under the UK WEEE Regulations, “Producers” are required to mark all relevant EEE with a “crossed-out wheelie bin” symbol to remind consumers not to discard WEEE in the domestic waste stream. Airconco (UK) Ltd encourages all of its customers to make note of this symbol and avoid putting any WEEE in your domestic waste bin(s) or container(s).

Airconco (UK) Ltd supports the reuse and recycling of WEEE as there are several environmental benefits of doing so, such as: Reduction of raw material and energy usage, prevention of landfill, prevention of hazardous and/or toxic materials present in some WEEE contaminating the environment.

As a Producer under the UK WEEE Regulations, Airconco (UK) Ltd complies with its Producer Obligations by being registered as a Member of the WeeeCare Compliance Scheme and obtaining the WEEE Producer Registration Number – WEE/KF0002ZR

Under the UK WEEE Regulations, “Distributors” are required to provide a “take-back” system which allows customers (end users) the opportunity to return (or “take-back”) their WEEE to a Distributor free of charge, when supplying new EEE on a like-for-like basis.

As a B2B Producer and/or Distributor under the UK WEEE Regulations, Airconco (UK) Ltd allows for end users of the EEE placed on the market in the UK to return WEEE back to us free of charge on a like-for-like basis for new EEE purchased. Such WEEE can be returned to the following location: Unit 4 Bittacy Business Centre, Bittacy Hill, London NW7 1BA or contact WeeeCare.

If you would prefer us to collect your WEEE from your premises, please contact us as there will be a transport charge for such WEEE from your premises and delivery of such WEEE to an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF). The charge will only cover the cost of transportation and handling and will not include any cost in relation to the treatment or reprocessing of WEEE as defined by the Regulations.

Alternatively, there is a network of recycling centres across the UK where consumers of WEEE can also take WEEE free of charge to be discarded, reused and/or recycled. The complete list of locations can be found at:

In addition, if a retailer supplying new EEE from retail premises with a sales area relating to EEE of at least 400m², the retailer must provide for the takeback of very small WEEE free of charge to the end user, who has no obligation to buy EEE of an equivalent type.