3 Air Conditioning Tips for Healthy Sleep

The importance of air conditioning is slightly neglected in Britain and north European countries. Chilling winters and relatively cool summers keep us without air conditioning for most of the year, and comfortable night-time temperatures make anything more than a ceiling fan a rarity in many British homes. Sleeping Man

However, for many of the world’s more sun-friendly destinations, air conditioning is less of an option and much more of a necessity. Tropical night-time temperatures can regularly extend into the high 30s, making a sound night’s sleep almost impossible without help. These three air conditioning tips can make your night more comfortable, sound, and healthy, no matter where you are.

1. Keep temperatures consistent

If you’re coming towards the end of a hot day, keep the inside temperature relatively constant as you drift off to sleep. Dropping the temperature at night may help you get to sleep faster, but it can also lead to illness due to the sudden change in temperature. When in doubt, change the heat gradually.

2. Use a timer to save money

If you only need a moment’s air conditioning to help you drift off to sleep, set a timer so that the air conditioning unit isn’t on all night. A simple 30-minute window of cool air is often enough to fall asleep, and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

3. Clean your air conditioning filters

Air conditioners are designed to eliminate dust particles, but when unclean they can end up doing the exact opposite. Always keep your air conditioning filters clean and fresh, else you could end up with itchy skin or breathing issues. You should use an air conditioning maintenance company who provide air conditioning servicing to clean the filters.

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