3 Ways to Save Money with Air Conditioning

Have you ever left the air conditioning on while you were out? Bonus points if every window in the house was open at the same time, flooding it with hot air while you paid for every minute of cool air. Despite a reputation for expense, air conditioning is actually a very cheap way to cool your home or office, especially when it’s used across a large system.

If you want to save even more money on air conditioning, these three strategies could be effective:

1.    Switch to ‘fan’ mode while you’re asleep.

Airflow is essential for sound sleep, but air conditioning is often overkill for the standard bedroom. To reduce costs and electricity consumption at night, switch your air conditioning system to the fan-only operation mode before you go to sleep.

2.    Use the built-in timer at night.
Aircon Control Panel

Sometimes the natural temperature is just a little too much to fall asleep, but not quite enough for you to turn the air conditioning on all night. Save yourself the expense of all-night air conditioning and switch your system to automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

3.    Maintain your air conditioner.

Just like any other mechanical device, air conditioners need maintenance on a regular basis. Basic maintenance like filter changes can be carried out on your own, while advanced air conditioning maintenance and repairs are best done by an experienced professional.

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