9 Most Extreme Air Conditioning Repairmen

In an age when global temperatures and tensions are on the rise an air conditioning unit is a must. These units are far from infallible. Should the unfortunate occur and you find that your trusted air conditioning unit has broken down, there’s only one man that can help you.

The ‘air con’ repairman.

The ‘air con’ repairman.
He is unstoppable.

The Air Con repair man is a ‘Spetsnaz’ of servicemen, braving all locations and environments, an A/C repairman will stop at nothing to service your air conditioner.

Gasp in amazement at the top tradesmen in the air conditioner maintenance arena as we list the 9 most extreme air conditioning repairmen.

9. Middle-Eastern Maintenance

Middle-Eastern Maintenance
“Careful with your left hand!”

This air con repairman is definitely living through his ‘wonder years’ as he ‘gets by with a little help from his friends’.

Either that or the man on the right is showing off his extreme puppetry skills with a life-size dummy.


8. Can’t Get Signal

Man on phone on an aircon unit
“I can see my house from here”

There are times when trying to get better phone reception can make you go to some ridiculous heights. This A/C repairman seems to have taken that saying literally.

That or he may just be calling for back up.


7. Time for Tea

Man drinking tea sat on aircon unit
“I wish I’d asked for an iced tea”

A/C maintenance can be thirsty work as this nonchalant repairman demonstrates. Hopefully his beverage is carbonated or caffeinated; getting tipsy at that height is just asking for trouble.

6. Multi-Tasking Maintenance Man

man on phone, whilst instaling a aircon
“If I make it back alive, make sure my dinner is ready”

Air conditioner repair is a very competitive business so to ensure customer loyalty a successful A/C repairman must answer his phone wherever he may be.

man on a phone, on top of a building
An excellent place to let one rip

Although most mere mortals may shy away from answering a phone call while simultaneously fixing an A/C unit, an A/C repairman laughs in the face of death.

5. Takin’ It Easy

Man sat on aircon
Good Vibrations

Fan fixing can be tiring work and even the most extreme A/C repairman needs a break.

Man sat on aircon on tall building
“I hope nobody’s watching…”

Everyday these brave repairmen straddle vertigo-inducing heights that would make most men tremble. After a while even the intimidating becomes mundane.

Either that or they’re just crazy.

4. Ride the Storm

Person hugging an aircon unit
Never trust Michael Fish’s weather reports!

Should the winds rise while on-the-job, there’s nothing for the repairman to do but hold on tight and ride the storm.

person hugging aircon unit up high
“I should have listened to my parents and joined the Army”

Whereas some people may assume that it would be safer to simply retire inside until the job is done, the fearless A/C repairman lets nothing stand in the way of his maintenance.

 3. Shoe-less Serviceman

balanced on a balcony with aircon unit
Smells Fresh

As agile as an ape, an A/C repairman clambers the balconies of buildings with a feline grace.

barefoot man on balcony with A/C
“Safety equipment’s for losers”

With his trusty gas-refill canister in hand this A/C repairman gets the job done.

circled man up high on balanced on a balcony
“I’m in the red circle if you missed me”

Rogue snipers can often be the bane of an A/C repairman’s existence. This is why the crafty chap has camouflaged himself excellently.

2. Fun in the Sun

Man sat on an aircon unit on side of a building
King of the swingers

All work and no play make an A/C repairman dull. This is why this fine fellow has decided to build himself a rope swing.

1. The Russian Rogue

man in a window
About to serve up an Epic Win or Fail…

What looks like a saucy snap taken by a villainous voyeur, soon turns into the exploits of the most extreme A/C repairman.

man installing air conditoning
Epic Win!

The tools of his trade: small shorts, flip flops and sheer unadulterated awesomeness.

man sat installing aircon on a very very tall building
Don’t try this at home. No Really!


This Russian rebel demonstrates no amount of safety equipment is needed when you are the most extreme air conditioning repairman ever encountered.


They may not save as many lives as a doctor or prevent as many crimes as the police but in the sweltering heat of summer when your A/C breaks you’ll thank your lucky stars for the 4th emergency service, the extreme air conditioner repair man.

man stood on window installing aircon
The Real American

He’s an all-American A/C Angel. Source

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