When Is An Air Conditioner Not An Air Conditioner? When It’s A Portable Speaker, A Phone Charger & A Flashlight!

Of course, all air conditioners are cold by their very nature, but absolutely none are as cool as the portable Zero Breeze.

That’s because, as well as keeping you cool, it can also keep you entertained, fully charged, and illuminated. That’s because it also acts as a Bluetooth speaker, a phone charger, and a flashlight all in one.

With all these additional features, it’s the perfect camping companion, and will certainly make you a lot of new friends as you get constant requests to play a tune, lend some charge for rundown phone batteries, and light the way in the dark.

Plus, its creators claim it can cool a 50 square foot area to 46 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should be able to cope with the constraints of a hot tent at a music festival, a summer picnic in the garden or a day at the beach perfectly well.

It works by either plugging into the mains or by running on batteries so that it can be a permanent fixture in your bedroom or a portable accessory in the boot of your car.
You can also choose between a couple of very cool colours – Frost blue or cool orange.

The light-up control panel means it can be easily operated in the dark, making it ideal for late-night music and chill sessions.

The radiating pipe is an entirely satisfying 12″ – 40″, and the noise level is a relatively peaceful 40 – 50 dB.

It’s more compact than most other units and weighs a light and perfectly portable 14lbs, so it’s light enough to carry around like a retro ghetto blaster – and it’s just as stylish.

It’s currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where it’s raised over $450,000 of its original $100,000 goal to date.

With this kind of backing, it can’t be long until we start to see the Zero Breeze hitting the market, and initial production is set for March 2017.

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