Lofts and Attics: The Forgotten Air Conditioning Areas

We all remember high school physics classes, right? Warm air rises, and just like many other scientific truths conveniently ignored by homeowners, this one comes with some real-life added effects: an annoyingly toasty temperature in your loft.

A growing number of UK residents are enjoying the warm air on offer in summer by converting their otherwise stuffy attics into full-scale loft living rooms and bedrooms. While most stick to the basic conversions and additions – a small sofa, TV set, or fold-out bed – a range of UK do-it-yourself fans are investing a lot more time, and some serious money, into their lofts. Loft by someToast.

Of course, there’s one part of renovating a loft that’s often ignored: the temperature. Even in the UK’s crisp climate, warm air tends to rise upwards through the house towards the loft or attic space. In homes with insulation, the air difference can be quite noticeable, particularly when the loft itself is only used as a relaxation or living area.

There’s a clear solution, though. Air conditioning service units are available for a range of spaces and room sizes, and loft owners are often let off the hook when it comes to price. With small attic rooms and living spaces, the cost of a full-power air conditioner can be remarkably low.

So save yourself from sweating this summer with an air conditioning unit for the new loft living space. Inexpensive, quiet, and ultra-convenient, an air conditioner is the perfect addition to any stylish loft living space.

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