How to save energy and money

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How to save energy and money

Piggy BankIn the previous post, we highlighted some main points why using the air conditioning is good for you. Now, we bring you several suggestions how to use it while saving your money and the energy at the same time.

Choose your air conditioner carefully

Not every air conditioner is the same. When you decide to buy one you should consider what size and type you actually need. A bigger unit is not necessarily the better, depends on how large the area you want to cool is. The basic rule to remember is that an average air conditioner needs 20 Btu for cooling each square foot.

Simple maintenance can boost effectiveness

Don’t worry; you don’t have to have any special technical skills to do that. If you just check the filter once in a while and change when it’s too dusty, you can save up to 15% of your energy consumption.  Also, make sure nothing blocks the vents and they are clean without any unnecessary dust on them. For any other problems, our air conditioning maintenance can always help you.

Beach through an open window

Isolate, isolate, isolate!
Again, simple yet effective. Close all that can be closed: windows, doors, draw drapes, storm windows, blinders, and fireplace dumpers etc. It helps the air conditioner to work much faster and thus it consumes less energy.

What else can help?

If you have fans do not be afraid to use them.  Although they cannot replace air conditioners they may help to speed up the process which results in less energy consumption.  Plus, by using passive cooling techniques, such as ventilation or shading, you can be sure that the number on your next energy bill will be considerably lower.

We hope that these tips will help to save both the energy and your money. If you need more information all you have to do is to head right to Whether you need one or 1,000 air conditioners delivered in just hours to your offices, shop, school or hotel – call us for a worry-free, competitive, tax-efficient and friendly service.


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