Summer Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need

As well as having the air con full-blast indoors, you can get a variety of mini models to take everywhere with you. But what else should be on your must-buy list for summer to ensure you’re the coolest cat in town? Got your motorised bumper boat yet? If not, why not?

Blow yourself away

hand held aircon

No it’s not a child with a hairdryer – how summery or gadgety would that be? – it is actually a handheld air conditioner. Simply rip it open, add water to the sponge, insert batteries and then turn it on. Easy as pie. It also runs on a USB connection, for those of us who take our laptops to the beach. But seriously, who does that?!

Ultimate pool party prop

inflatable pool chair

It’s a question I regularly ask myself – how can inflatable chairs be any cooler? And how can I annoy fellow pool users to maximum effect. In a happy coincidence, that thankfully does not involve John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (obscure noughties film reference for all you rom com fans), I found an answer to both questions in the motorised bumper boat. Leading only to the next question – where can I get one this instant?!

Sticking your head in the sand

chair with head and arm holes

Do you ever encounter that problem on the beach where you’re trying to read the latest top seller but your arms keep getting tired from holding it? Well fear no more thanks to this handy-dandy Ostrich three-in-one beach chair. Read at leisure with your round face stuffed in a square hole and your arms painfully pressed up against hot metal. On second thoughts, the beach probably isn’t the best place to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey anyways… I’ll just… finish it later.

Gently warmed sausages

 solar powered BBQ

You know what I always fancy in the summer holidays? Meat. Slightly undercooked meat with a charcoal shell, to be exact. If you’re like me, then you’ll love this solar powered BBQ. Ideal if coal and matches seem just too much like hard work. Because I always thought BBQs were just a touch on the dangerous side with all those open flames, what with having to stand next to them an’ all. Not sure what happens when the sun goes behind the clouds though…

Loser shoes

 metal detecting flip flops

I don’t know about you, but I often look down at my flip flops of a summer’s day and think ‘yes they’re nice, but I can’t help feel they’re missing something’. Now, that problem is solved with the sexy calf-strap and light-up LEDs. But it’s not just any pair of black flip flops – oh no – it’s also a metal detector. For ultimate geek-appeal turn the beeps up full blast and wear with some off-white sports socks.

For the anti-social sunworshipper

sun bathing bubble

For those times when the beach is just too noisy, why not buy yourself a pod? With a fun vent at the front to prevent you from suffocating and made with heat-intensifying plastic, you can top off your day in the sunshine with the gift of sunstroke. I can’t see this little gem going down too well at Skeggy, even though it may be warmer. But from a purely practical point of view it’s not going to make the list of beach must-haves if you can’t fit it in the car? I very much doubt it comes with a flat pack option.

Perfect for some tunes…sometimes

 solar powered bluetooth speakers

This, meanwhile, is not such a bad idea, a solar powered Bluetooth music player. The only downside? It’s a solar powered Bluetooth music player, therefore unlikely to work on overcast days (read 90 per cent of days in the UK) and is as useful as a chocolate fireguard if you have no Bluetooth or your phone has died. Bad times for all involved.

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