Shiny 3.5 kW (12,000BTU)


The new Shiny 3.5kW portable air conditioner is ideal for offices and domestic applications. It is A-rated for energy efficiency.

Smart and reliable, this unit, rated at 12,000 Btu (3.5kW), will fit nicely into any home without taking up too much space. It will give years of reliable performance and is virtually maintenance-free.

The refrigerant used in this portable air conditioner (R290) is environmentally friendly and has the smallest Global Warming Potential compared to more commonly used refrigerants. Please note that the unit must be placed in a room that is larger than 4sqm (43.1sqf).

Not only is this unit an extremely powerful air conditioner for its size, but it also has separate dehumidifier, fan-only and auto modes. It also has a heating function.

This small portable air conditioner unit is probably the quietest portable air con unit available and is ideal for home environments.

The Shiny air conditioner has an exhaust hose, which is 13cm in diameter, measuring approximately 1.5 metres when fully extended. The small portable air conditioner unit vents hot wet air from its exhaust hose and must be vented out a window.

£485.00 ex. VAT
£582.00 inc. VAT

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£485.00 ex. VAT
£582.00 inc. VAT