Installing air conditioners is essential to keep our homes and offices comfortable during the hotter months. Installing an air conditioning unit requires one of our professionally trained technicians, as this is not something that can be conducted by yourself. It is essential you have this done by a qualified and reliable service provider, as a poor or incorrect fitting can result in higher energy bills, health risks and hazards in your home. The installation time will vary depending on several factors; these factors include the type of AC you require, the complexity of the fitting and your pre-existing infrastructure. 

The Processes

At AirconCo, we conduct every commercial and residential air conditioning unit installation following established and efficient processes ensuring your day can proceed as usual as soon as possible.

After your initial enquiry, we will follow our standard process of arranging a visit to your home or office space in order to best advise you on the type and size of air conditioning unit you require for your needs. Once we have spoken to you in detail and assessed the situation, we can schedule a date and time that suits you and begin your air conditioning unit installation. We will also test the system at this time to ensure you have the most efficiency and a system that runs smoothly. We can then organise maintenance checks every 6-12 months with the same technician and provide you with an ongoing service.

As previously mentioned, the time taken to complete having your air conditioning unit installed will depend on a few factors. As well as the type of AC you require, the complexity of the fitting and your pre-existing infrastructure, the timeframe will also depend on the following:

  • The time of year and our peak periods
  • The availability of our technicians 
  • Your availability 
  • Stock availability from your requested manufacturer

The Installation

Our technicians will visit your property and begin installing your aircon unit; however, it is important to remember that a number of variables determine how long this installation will take to complete. These variables include:

  • How many air conditioning units you are having installed
  • If your installation is a replacement or a new unit fitting
  • The type of aircon unit you are having installed
  • The size of your domestic or commercial property 

Sourcing your AC unit with us at AirconCo means you will receive up-to-date information on the latest systems, installation periods and maintenance. Our qualified technicians provide unbeatable service, working to efficient timeframes and ensuring you and your home are treated with the utmost respect with our 5-star services.

We offer warranty and advice to all of our customers so you have peace of mind that you will have your aircon up and running when you need it most. From installations, maintenance, repairs and portable units, our AirconCo team is the London pros when it comes to keeping clients cool and comfortable. You can rest assured that your air conditioning needs are met and managed to the highest degree.

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