The recommended period between each air conditioner service is 12 months, and the best practice is to conduct your service before the spring and summer heat. While these checks are not always compulsory, they will help ensure your aircon unit performance is of the best quality. Nobody wants to be caught with broken air conditioning units during a heatwave. We recommend you frequently have AC maintenance checks for peace of mind and consistent and efficient functioning units.

The frequency matters

If you do not execute a regular air conditioning service, you allow dirt and dust to build up within the fan, coils and filters. This will then slowly distribute and damage components of your home air conditioning, affecting its performance and efficiency. 

The effects this can have include longer running hours needed to cool your rooms to a satisfactory level resulting in costly repairs and increased home bills.

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to have your aircon unit serviced so you have peace of mind that you can keep yourself and your home/office comfortable and cool in the summer.

Your service periods will depend on the type of air conditioning units you have and how frequently you are putting them to use. While every 12 months is recommended, getting a service twice yearly guarantees consistent, high-quality output.

It is important to communicate with your provider to understand how to best care for your unit and how frequently it may need services and maintenance.

How To Know When Your Aircon Unit Needs Maintenance?

If you are conducting the recommended frequent air conditioning service for your unit, you should not be faced with any problems. However, unfortunately, this cannot be 100% guaranteed. Occasionally, as with any appliance, a few signs and defects suggest you require maintenance to improve the quality. 


Here are the signs to look out for as and when you put your aircon to use:

  • If you notice a difference in the time it takes to cool your entire space, this could suggest that your coolant level is too low.
  • When you begin to use your unit more often in the warmer weather if your energy bills are higher than you think they should be, this could be due to a poor installation that needs a check.
  • If your aircon begins to make unusual noises in operation, your filters may be blocked. This is a simple fix using a hoover. Once you have removed the dust, if the noise continues, you will likely have a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed by a professional.

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