Steps To Follow To Cleaning Your Filter Correctly?

Now we know how to clean the ac filter, here are our steps for cleaning your air conditioner filter correctly.

Step One: Turn the aircon unit off, as you will need to avoid taking apart the unit if it is still running or has power. Your air conditioning system may need to be switched off at the wall.

Step Two: Refer back to the manual you were provided when you had your installation. Every system will be slightly different in how it operates, so gaining access to your air conditioner filter may differ from previous units you have had. You must follow the instructions provided in your manual to avoid damage or safety concerns. 

Step Three: Remove the air filter from your air conditioning units. This should be a simple task, with most being able to be carefully lifted out. Ensure you are not using heavy force to do this in case of damage. Once you have your filter removed, wipe and hover the dust particles. 

Step Four: You may notice that your filters have grime in places. This can be carefully hand-washed with warm water and gentle detergent. Once you have washed the filter, ensure you rinse them thoroughly of any remaining cleaning product.

Step Five: Place your filter in a safe place and allow them to dry thoroughly before placing them back in your unit. If you clean your filters in spring or summer, you could place them in the sunlight to speed up the drying process.

Step Six: Insert them securely into your aircon unit, the manual you read in step two should help you with this.

Why Should You Clean Your Filters

A crucial maintenance step when you own and utilise an air conditioning system to ensure its efficiency is to regularly clean its filters. You can also replace the filters for your unit if you have had them for a longer period of time. This is a step to take if you wish to improve the airflow for greater cooling. Clogged and dirty filters will reduce the cost-effectiveness of the system.

When Should I Hire A Professional?

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your filters, you can book a full maintenance service for your unit. A trained expert from our team will inspect and analyse your air conditioning system to ensure it runs effectively. 

You can book a call with us to install, run maintenance checks, and conduct repairs. Our team are also on hand to advise you on how to clean the ac filter if you should need assistance. Using the same reliable team will provide you with the most value as we will have the knowledge required for your purchase. 

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