Whether it is cheaper leaving aircon on all day largely depends on multiple factors, including energy efficiency, property insulation, usage patterns and climate. In moderate climates with fairly stable temperatures, leaving aircon on all day may not be cost-effective, as it can lead to unnecessary energy consumption. Alternatively, keeping air conditioners constantly running in hotter and more humid areas may be more reasonable to help maintain a comfortable indoor environment. When initially turned on after a period of inactivity, your unit will have to work harder to cool down spaces with higher temperatures. This is also something to consider when planning the optimal times to run your air conditioning unit for the best cooling effects.

Improve your Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your unit will play a significant role in understanding the cost of running aircon in your property. Older models usually consume more electricity when in use making them less efficient than the newer energy-rated models that are designed specifically to use less electricity for cheap to run air conditioning. If you opt for a modern aircon unit installation from us, these systems often come with programmable thermostats that enable you to set specific temperatures throughout different times of the day. This allows for a more efficient cooling experience and low cost aircon.

Property Insulation

Your property having the correct insulation and sealing will also influence the effectiveness of running your air conditioning unit continuously. Structures that have been well-insulated can retain cooled air from AC units better, requiring the system to work less frequently to achieve the desired effects and consuming much less energy overall. Additionally, if you have a poorly insulated home or office, this will lose cool air quickly, resulting in a higher demand being put on your aircon system and an increase in your electricity usage. You can also conduct regular maintenance, including cleaning filters and checking for damages to ensure and optimise your unit’s efficiency, which can reduce operational costs.

Usage Patterns

Your individual preferences and the usage patterns of your aircon will play a factor in determining if leaving aircon on all day is cheaper for your property. You may prefer a consistently cool indoor environment, while others can be comfortable with periodic cooling. If you tend to spend time away from home throughout the day, turning off your air conditioning or setting it to a slightly higher temperature will result in considerable energy and cost savings. However, leveraging the natural ventilation during the cooler periods of the day, like the early hours of the morning and in the late evenings, can reduce the need for your aircon to be on at all times, therefore, reducing your costs further.

Smart Technology

If your home features smart technology and automation advancements, then this may offer you more control and flexibility for your cooling systems. With the help of smart thermostats and apps on your mobile phone, you can remotely adjust and control your aircon usage, the temperature settings and schedule cooling cycles to conserve more energy when you are away from the property and enjoy comfortable environments at a controlled temperature for when you return.

Conducting an energy audit will be an efficient way to calculate and assess your energy usage patterns and identify areas of improvement to better experience a low cost aircon system. Consulting and asking for advice from our professionally trained expert team of technicians will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge on optimising your cooling efficiency and reducing your expenses when using air conditioning frequently. Finding the right balance between comfort and sustainability is essential to make better decisions suiting both the environment, finances and your preferences.

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