Create Shade Spots

Keeping pets cool in summer can be done by protecting them from direct sunlight and creating shade. If you have an open space that doesn’t provide cooler spots, invest in umbrellas or pet-specific structures. If you have a garden or are travelling to a location with trees and other natural elements that create shade, ensure you set up their bed or a blanket here for them to rest in when the heat gets too much. Shade not only provides a cooler, pleasant environment for them, but it also prevents them from coming to any harm from the sun’s rays.

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate Some More!

The most important thing for humans to do in the heat is to drink lots of water; our pets need to do the same. If they are not consistently drinking water, this could have negative effects on their well-being. It is important to have a constant supply of cold, refreshing water readily available both at home and when out and about. To do this, purchase and place a few bowls topped up with water around their favourite rooms in your home and the garden. This will encourage regular drinking; if their only drink bowl is out of sight, it will also be out of mind. If you plan to take day trips this summer, bring multiple bottles of water and a collapsible bowl, so your pup can drink on the go! 

Air Conditioning

Opting for air conditioning installations will provide the perfect solution for your pets to stay cool in the overbearing summer heat, and you can benefit from them too. Your aircon will regulate the air in your room and maintain a cold space for your furry friends to relax and enjoy during the summer. With pet-friendly features, lounge air conditioning installations become indispensable for the well-being and safety of our beloved pets in summer, providing an escape from the discomfort of the outdoors.

Avoid Midday Walks

The sun will always be at its peak at midday; it will be scalding not only for us but for our pets. Limiting and preventing walks and outdoor activities during these times is best. As well as the air being hot, the pavement will be too. Protect their paws and take them on an evening walk when the sun sets. Pavements can become scorching hot. If the floor is hot for you to touch, it will burn their paws too! To avoid this, plan your walks in the early morning or later in the evening when temperatures are lower. You could also opt to take routes in the shade. 

Never Leave Pets In A Car

In the summer, leaving your beloved pets in your vehicles can be life-threatening, even if it’s for a short time. The temperatures inside your car will increase dramatically within a matter of minutes to dangerous levels, even if you have a window cracked open. These hot, muggy cars can cause your pet to suffer from heatstroke and may even lead to death. If you are taking a trip in your car, ensure you can bring your pet with you when you get to your destination; if you can’t, just leave them at home or ask someone to look after them. Your furry friend needs to be in a relaxed, well-ventilated environment just like you do. Contact local authorities immediately if you ever see an animal trapped in a hot car alone.

Wet Towels & Cooling Vests

Placing a damp towel saturated in ice-cold water on your pet’s back will provide incredible cooling benefits. The evaporation process will help bring their body temperature down and prevent uncomfortable overheating. You can also invest in cooling vests designed specifically for dogs that do the same. These come in multiple styles and sizes, so whether you have a large bundle of fluffy joy or a small energetic pup, you will find a cooling vest that fits them perfectly.

In conclusion, keeping our pets comfortable, cool and safe in the summer is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. We should prioritise and implement measures that allow our furry friends to enjoy this season as much as we do. Our animals rely on us to keep them safe. You can provide the perfect environment for a happy pup, cat and other pets in the heat by providing shade, ice-cold treats, multiple water sources, and an air conditioning installation.

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